Printing: Letter Formation

Through doing some research about printing and letter formation and the brain connections I have learned that starting with circles and lines is beneficial. Most letters are made up of circles and lines or combinations of the two.

Reminder: circles start at the top, pull back and around; lines pull down from the top

Today we practiced circles and lines with the letters i and o. This can be tricky for some children so have them start on blank paper until they can confidently make lines and circles correctly. Children that have difficulty with letter formation may also have not developed the visual spatial or fine motor skills necessary to see lines they are printing on. If your child can already form the letters you can be working on having them use lowercase letters.

Take your time with your child and don’t get frustrated. This is a skill that has to develop and cannot necessarily be taught. Little sessions of time spent on printing regularly rather than large blocks of time will probably help your child feel successful too!