Anchor Charts to Help With Writing

Below are copies of the anchor charts we have been making to help us with our writing. There are copies posted in the room and the children will each have their own copies for their work folder. If your child is attempting to spell a word at home you may want to refer to these anchor charts.

For example:

Child: “Dad, how do I write chips?”
Dad: “Well chips has a /ch/ sound at the beginning like cheese on your anchor chart so let’s take a look.”
(Look for the /ch/ sound together)

We want the children to use the anchor pictures to help them remember sounds/spelling patterns in other words that they write. As your child matures and reads many more books over the next year, he or she will start to be more accurate in spelling new words. The “tricky rules”in the English language will be talked about as they come up but for now these anchor charts will help your child along.


Digraphs Dipthongs Bossy R Chart