Shared Reading: Changes

We continuing to talk about our roles and responsibilities at home. Our shared reading this week talks specifically about how responsibilities change as you grow up. 

Please continue to talk with your child about how roles and responsibilities change over time and in different situations.
-How your own roles and responsibilities are the same or different as your child’s when you were their age.
-How your roles and responsibilities have changed as parents throughout the different stages of your child’s life.
-How your child’s roles and responsibilities have changed throughout their life.
-How experiences such as a birth, a death, a divorce, a wedding or new relationship, a change of homes, or even a new pet affect the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the family and how they feel about that.
-How roles and responsibilities change within the home and community throughout the year as the seasons change.



Shared Reading: The Hole in the Tub

This week’s shared reading is another big book from the Mrs. Wishy Washy series that we have been reading. The book is called The Hole in the Tub. We will be using all of the skills we have learned so far this year to help us read. Mrs. Wishy Washy‘s name even has the sh digraph and the word Hole in the title has a super e. Click on the phonics videos tab on the right hand side to access these videos from previous blog posts.


As we have been writing, we have come across the th, sh, and ch sound. These are called digraphs. Today we made a list of some words that have a digraph in it. Some words have the sound at the beginning, some words have the sound in the middle, and some words have the sound at the end. These digraphs are chunks we can look for in words.

Here are some videos to help us remember the digraph sounds.

*Remember th makes two sounds, th as in thing and th as in the



While we were watching a th video, an advertisement for a wh digraph video came up. We watched it and then added wh to our word list.


Shared Reading: Courage

This week’s shared reading is linked to the theme of courage and bravery as Remembrance Day falls on Saturday of this week.

We will continue to review the reading strategies: Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake and Flippy Dolphin but our focus during shared reading will be Chunky Monkey! Please check out the Chunky Monkey video below. Also, pointing out “Chunky Monkey” when you see it while with reading with your child may help your child to start to see these “chunks” (blends, word families) on their own! Please keep in mind it takes time for children to move from sounding out each letter (Stretchy Snake) to using blends, digraphs, diphthongs and other spelling patterns (Chunky Monkey) when reading so be patient, it will happen!

Here is our Poem: Courage

Our Word Family last week was the -all family and this week is the  -ow family. A few of these words have “Chunky Monkey” at the beginning of them too!

Shared Reading: How I Know It’s Fall

Fall weather seems to have finally arrived so we will observe the changes in the world outside our classroom wonder window and we will also be learning about the changes we see during our Shared Reading of this poem below.

We will continue to review the reading strategies Eagle Eye and Stretchy Snake but we will be focussing on Chunky Monkey and Flippy Dolphin! We will continue to focus on vowels and will look at ‘super e.’ Check out the Phonics Video tag to link you to all the vowel videos.




Shared Reading: Apple Tree

This week’s shared reading is a big book of a song called Apple Tree. We will continue to talk about the reading strategies Eagle Eye and Stretchy Snake and will also introduce the Flippy Dolphin strategy.

  1. Eagle Eye (use picture clues to help you understand the story)
  2. Stretchy Snake (sound out the letters)
  3. Flippy Dolphin (if the word doesn’t make sense try the other sound the vowel makes)

Some of the words from the song are posted below.

Apple Tree

This book and song are filled with great learning opportunities. It will help the children continue to connect to the concept of the four seasons that we are using our 5 senses to explore this year in first grade. This song is about a family using apples picked during harvest time in the fall to create different apple products. The life cycle of an apple is also explored in this big book which help the children connect to the concept of living things and what they need to survive. Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and it might be a fun time to go apple picking and make some of the apple products the children sing about this week during shared reading.

Here is a video to explore about the life cycle of an apple tree. Watch the videos and try to find other trees or plants that follow this cycle!

Shared Reading: Wheels on the Bus

Today we did our first shared reading poem. The children figured out that our shared reading poem was The Wheels On The Bus by using strategies such as:

1. Looking for Popcorn Words.
2. Sounding out the letters. (Stretchy Snake Strategy)
3. Looking at the pictures. (Eagle Eye Strategy)

I was amazed at how every child participated in the shared reading following along with my pointer.

Here is a copy of our poem:

Here is a copy of the Popcorn Song for review and for our new families to Winona. The song is sung starting with like and you go down the columns. The song is sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Popcorn Song

Here is a videolink to Alphardy which will help your child review his or her letter sounds!