The Power Words Centre

Today we had time to explore our Power Words Centre. Power words are words that are often not easily sounded out using stretchy snake and our brains have to learn to read and write them automatically. Later in the year we will be introducing a list of words that are Grade One Power Words but for the time being we are working on the Power Words Centre activities will focus on listening to the sounds heard in words when we say them and figuring out where in the word we heard the sound. Is the sound at the beginning, middle or the end? This can be a very difficult skill for some children to acquire, but with lots of exposure to activities like the ones in our Power Centees and through oral games played in the classroom and at home this essential foundation for pre-spelling skills will develop.

At home you can: Say a word to your child that has three sounds in it such as cat. Ask your child “is the /c/ ( c sound not letter name) at the beginning, the middle or the end of the word? Where is the /t/ sound? Where do you hear the /a/ sound? There is no need to show your child the visual of the word as we are developing oral skills in these types of activities!