Chunky Monkey: Blends Videos

A consonant blend is two or more consecutive consonants in a word whose sounds blend together. Although the sounds “blend” together, each sound is still heard.  At school we have been learning to read blends during our shared reading activities and we will be working on an anchor chart to use as a resource during our writing. Here are some videos to help your child learn blends:


As we have been writing, we have come across the th, sh, and ch sound. These are called digraphs. Today we made a list of some words that have a digraph in it. Some words have the sound at the beginning, some words have the sound in the middle, and some words have the sound at the end. These digraphs are chunks we can look for in words.

Here are some videos to help us remember the digraph sounds.

*Remember th makes two sounds, th as in thing and th as in the



While we were watching a th video, an advertisement for a wh digraph video came up. We watched it and then added wh to our word list.


Shared Reading: Courage

This week’s shared reading is linked to the theme of courage and bravery as Remembrance Day falls on Saturday of this week.

We will continue to review the reading strategies: Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake and Flippy Dolphin but our focus during shared reading will be Chunky Monkey! Please check out the Chunky Monkey video below. Also, pointing out “Chunky Monkey” when you see it while with reading with your child may help your child to start to see these “chunks” (blends, word families) on their own! Please keep in mind it takes time for children to move from sounding out each letter (Stretchy Snake) to using blends, digraphs, diphthongs and other spelling patterns (Chunky Monkey) when reading so be patient, it will happen!

Here is our Poem: Courage

Our Word Family last week was the -all family and this week is the  -ow family. A few of these words have “Chunky Monkey” at the beginning of them too!

Shared Reading: Wheels on the Bus

Today we did our first shared reading poem. The children figured out that our shared reading poem was The Wheels On The Bus by using strategies such as:

1. Looking for Popcorn Words.
2. Sounding out the letters. (Stretchy Snake Strategy)
3. Looking at the pictures. (Eagle Eye Strategy)

I was amazed at how every child participated in the shared reading following along with my pointer.

Here is a copy of our poem:

Here is a copy of the Popcorn Song for review and for our new families to Winona. The song is sung starting with like and you go down the columns. The song is sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Popcorn Song

Here is a videolink to Alphardy which will help your child review his or her letter sounds!