Math Talk Monday

We have been exploring the idea that math is everywhere!! Each Monday we will look at a new picture and find all of the math in it! What kind of math do you see as you are out and about with your child? Pointing out the following in the real world when you see it will help build your child’s math vocabulary:
-shapes 2D (circle, triangle, hexagon, square, oval ect.) and 3D (sphere, cone, cylinder, cube)
-how things are sorted
-measurement terms (long/short/tall/wide/thin/thick/big/small etc)
-quantity terms: more/less, most/least, equal
-counting everything and anything, count by ones, twos, five and tens

Math is literally everywhere and the more your child is engaged in conversations about math in the real world the stronger a foundation your child will have for building more complex math skills on as they grow up.