A Busy Year of Exploring in Grade 1!

Today the children and I talked about all the topics we will be exploring this year at school. They were amazed to see “the big bossy teacher books” that list everything that they are supposed to learn this year. They were in awe about how thick the curriculum documents from the government were and couldn’t believe how many words were inside. We made a list of all the topics we will explore and each child added a topic that they are curious about. Then it was time to explore!

Guided Exploration

During the school day we have a large chunk of time called Guided Exploration. The children have been learning how best to use this time and how they use it will change as they mature. We know that the goal during this time is to demonstrate new learning, not what is already known! While the children are working I’m supporting them by helping them with next steps in their learning and by setting goals to help them move forward!! The following anchor chart will help the children make the most out of this time!