Chunky Monkey: Blends Videos

A consonant blend is two or more consecutive consonants in a word whose sounds blend together. Although the sounds “blend” together, each sound is still heard.  At school we have been learning to read blends during our shared reading activities and we will be working on an anchor chart to use as a resource during our writing. Here are some videos to help your child learn blends:


During our outdoor learning time we have challenged the children to demonstrate how they can be good school family members just like we do inside the classroom. We have been practicing different ways of greeting people throughout our day and we have learned that some greetings are appropriate for friends and family but not for people unknown. This is yet another “hidden rule” in society that some children seem to pick up  on and some need explicit teaching! When I come to work and see my teaching partners I may say “Hey, how’s it going?”, but when I see Mr. Illman who is in charge of the school I would probably say “Good Morning!”.

Whole Body Listening

Listening is hard work! It doesn’t come naturally to most people, especially children. Listening takes practice! In Grade One it is very important that we use Whole Body Listening during carpet times. Today we built an anchor chart together that will be posted in the classroom to remind all of us what Whole Body Listening looks like. We will use this anchor chart to help remind us how to be a Whole Body Listener as this helps us learn.

School Family Pledge

We are learning how to be a good member of our school family! To remind us we have created a pledge to say together. A pledge is like a promise and we promise to all try our very best to follow our School Family Pledge each day!