Shared Reading: Apple Tree

This week’s shared reading is a big book of a song called Apple Tree. We will continue to talk about the reading strategies Eagle Eye and Stretchy Snake and will also introduce the Flippy Dolphin strategy.

  1. Eagle Eye (use picture clues to help you understand the story)
  2. Stretchy Snake (sound out the letters)
  3. Flippy Dolphin (if the word doesn’t make sense try the other sound the vowel makes)

Some of the words from the song are posted below.

Apple Tree

This book and song are filled with great learning opportunities. It will help the children continue to connect to the concept of the four seasons that we are using our 5 senses to explore this year in first grade. This song is about a family using apples picked during harvest time in the fall to create different apple products. The life cycle of an apple is also explored in this big book which help the children connect to the concept of living things and what they need to survive. Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and it might be a fun time to go apple picking and make some of the apple products the children sing about this week during shared reading.

Here is a video to explore about the life cycle of an apple tree. Watch the videos and try to find other trees or plants that follow this cycle!